Saturday, November 1, 2008

Replacing the M with a W

Every day, guilt consumes me as I know I need to post an entry on my blog. It's like writing to Grandma who lives across the country. You know you need to do it more often, but later turns into tomorrow and before you know it, it's November 1st!

Since I haven't written since June 11th, let me fill in the missing gap of time. The summer was extremely hectic. I wear my name tag, proudly identifying myself as a Realtor, wherever I go. When folks ask how business is, and I reply, "Great!" I get a pitying look like they're thinking, "Sure it is, fella. What do you think, I live under a rock? The market has tanked, real estate agents are back to working in the casinos - who are you fooling?"

Contrary to all the media reports, if you personally know and trust someone in Real Estate, you'll find out that this is one of the busiest years to be an agent. There are so many buying opportunities that folks who are ready, willing and able to buy - they can't help but buy a home now.

So to keep this entry on the short side, I'll bring you up-to-date by telling you my business has gone from "me" to "we." In order to continue providing the extraordinary service my clients have come to depend on, I have expanded to become "The Karten Group."

We're still at Realty Executives - a company I feel very comfortable with, that has the integrity, professionalism and experience that reflects ours. In fact, we're moving our group to the main office at 1903 S. Jones, so that we're centrally located for the majority of our clientele.

Over the next month, you'll see more of our changes go into effect, and I'll introduce you to each member of the group. The market continues to evolve, and we're going to see many more foreclosures come to market, and hopefully some programs to keep struggling homeowners in their homes.

Until my next post, hopefully before Spring, I wish everyone the very best during this holiday season. We'll be here, ready to answer your questions, help you find the home of your dreams, and make the most out of the coming year!