Saturday, May 17, 2008

Battle of the Girlie shows

(Originally posted on January 12, 2008)

Ooh La La versus Crazy Horse

Now you may be thinking, "It's a win-win proposition, pitting one topless revue against another" (but you'd be wrong, grasshopper.) I think a natural expectation of going to high-priced shows like these, you would be greatly entertained. It just depends what your definition of entertainment is.

Can naked not be sexy?

Unfortunately, the sad answer is yes. Having watched "Crazy Horse" at the MGM Grand last night in $60 seats, while these gals show much more flesh than the "Ooh La La" girls, it's all about art here, and neither I nor the rest of my party (two guys and two gals) were entertained. I won't ruin it for you, except to say, "Save your money."

Sometimes less is more

The production values in "Crazy Horse" are top-notch. You're in a real theater and the lighting, effects and props are all first-rate. In "Ooh La La" at the Paris, the setting is a lounge, with a simple stage and basic props. The differences beyond that are major. The "Ooh La La" girls are having fun, and you feel that energy throughout the show. It's silly, sexy, sultry and for the most part, very entertaining.

I'll take an aisle seat, please

In "Ooh La La" the girls even do a runway-type skit, where they parade just inches away from you (if you know to sit on the aisle). They do a true variety show (for better or worse), with singing, magic, comedy and acrobatics. Tickets are also $58 each (but ask at the box office if there are any specials - we got a 2-for-1 special the night we were there).

"Crazy Horse" is directly from France and these very beautiful, fit women are obviously ballet-trained dancers. However, the show is so highly choreographed and entirely lip-synched, that it leaves you cold. There is one brief comedy skit, which you will chuckle at, but not long enough to justify an hour and fifteen minutes. If you don't think you can get bored of gorgeous naked women, think again.

Who sees these shows?

Looking around the audience, the demographic are mostly older couples, seemingly from the heartland of America. I don't know, maybe this is great entertainment for most folks, but judging from the talking and fidgeting during the show, I seem to doubt it. Were these folks comped? 2-for-1 specials? I can't say for sure, but I didn't have to pay the $120 to get in, and I still wanted my money back.

Not for everyone

Mind you, this is not like going to a strip club. There is nothing lewd about either of these shows, but "Ooh La La" definitely has some heat to it. In fact, the couple in front of us actually walked out midway through the show, and I honestly can't imagine why. No matter what, if someone has gone through the trouble to take off their clothes, the least I can do is be polite and stay 'til the end.

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