Saturday, May 17, 2008

The "eyes" have it

(Originally posted on June 25, 2007)

Getting the word out

As I've written before, I love what I do. I eat, sleep and drink my job, and it rewards me with the satisfaction of helping someone buy or sell a home in Las Vegas. The funny thing is, I'm a well-kept secret, and that's okay.

You won't see my picture on a bus stop (are people waiting for the bus buying a house, anyway?), nor full page ads about ME. I mean, how many agents can be #1 in Vegas? Isn't anybody number two?

It's not about me, it's about you. My pretty face isn't going to sell your house, my skills are. So you might ask, if you don't see me everywhere along with the big names, what good am I?

It's Vegas, baby

This is a town of neon, marquees, billboards and now airplanes flying over the valley trailing banners. We're an hour away from LA by plane, and that ego marketing has entirely pervaded the real estate industry here, but I refuse to give in. My New York style and sensibility is the essence of who I am, and I am a man of my word. When I say I'll meet you at 10am, I am there. When I give you a list of what I do for you, I do it. Is that so hard? You tell me.

All about the stats

The beautiful thing about computers, the Internet and this website is the ability to keep records and statistics. The title of today's blog refers to "eyes" and that refers to the number of people that visit my website and read this blog every day. I am consistently getting a minimum of 50 people a day, and I sometimes spike towards 100. Pretty good, considering it's all word of mouth.

What does that mean to you? The information I provide is timely and pertinent. Folks are seeing that someone's on top of the market in Vegas, and that unlike the media's word, there are good things going on here. It just depends what side you're on -- buying or selling. If you're a seller, not so good. Buying? This is what you've been waiting for.

Neighborhood searches

The other interesting statistic is what searches bring folks to this website. Based on that information, I change the content daily to better reflect and answer the questions being asked. Remember, it's all about you. I monitor this website every day to make it as accurate as possible. My next project I'm working on is in-depth coverage of each community within Vegas, to give you the real flavor of neighborhoods. Why? All homes are basically the same, aren't they? Bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen. You need to find the house you want in the right neighborhood. You want to feel that sense of arrival, that you love driving home every night. That you don't regret the house payment when you write that check every month. Your home is more than wood and stucco, it's emotional. That's why you know the right house when you see it.

Time is money

Your time is more valuable than mine, and I respect that. When we email, talk on the phone or meet in person, I listen to what you're asking and delve deeper to find what you're trying to accomplish. We are in a very competitive market, and there are many, many fine Realtors to choose from here. If we don't get a chance to work together, I hope that the information I provide at least helps you with your Las Vegas real estate needs.

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