Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Pitbull of Comedy

(Originally posted on January 3, 2008)

If you're easily offended, this is not the show for you

Hooters (the hotel) is featuring the comedian, Bobby Slayton, in their Nite Owl Showroom. I can't share any of his act here because to say it's politically incorrect doesn't begin to describe the show.

At the box office there's a sign warning you that the show is vulgar and offensive -- take heed. That being said, the show is hilarious. Maybe being from New York helps, as Slayton talks verrrrrrry fast.

Equal opportunity offender

No one escapes unscathed during his routine. When we walked in, the hostess asked if we'd like to sit in the first row (was she crazy, or did we just look like tourists?) We sat in a nice, dark part of the room -- laughing without fear of repercussions. He is brutal. BRUTAL. Very crude, saying things you might think in your head or say to your guy friends (if you're a guy). To hear them outloud, as he proudly attests to his thoughts and actions, is shocking at first, and in turn, pretty hysterical.

Not quite a show, more of a rant

He readily admits that he gauges his show based on the audience reactions, and we were a challenge since we were a Sunday night room. Presumably, Saturday night crowds are the best. So we were a tougher crowd, where some people (the women) gasped at his ethnic remarks that are really base. Folks, this is Don Rickles without remorse. You have to just roll with the punches and be prepared for anything.

No need to be caught up on current events

Many comedians rely on what's going on in the world to skewer the absurdity of politics and daily events. Not at this show. Most of the observations take place in Slayton's pants or on different parts of women's bodies. Enough said. A lot of the comedy is based on marriage, and if you've been married for awhile, the show is even funnier, because so much is true.

A familiar face

As we waited for the show to start, my wife thought she knew the guy standing behind us talking to a gal in the audience. She did -- it was Bobby Slayton. He's very down-to-earth and you've most likely seen him in movies (Dreamgirls, The Rat Pack) or doing standup on TV. If you're looking for a funny, casual night out - this is the ticket.

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